Oscar Nominated Cocktails

If this was a drink, what would it taste like?


Ahhh The Oscars 2014 is upon us.  I present to you cocktail accompaniments to each of the  nine Best Picture Nominees.  In essence, these are your nominees reincarnated as alcoholic drinks.  For your consideration…

Best Picture Nominee:  American Hustle

Sharp, tart, packs a punch, with a twist of nostalgia.


Supporting Drink Nominee:  The Americano Cocktail


This mixed drink has as much hustle and swagger as James Bond. In fact, The Americana cocktail is the first drink ordered by James Bond in the first novel series authored by Ian Fleming, Casino Royale.  Like American Hustle, Americano is an American and British mix.


Not to be mistaken with the American Coffee or Cafè Americano (hot water combined with espresso), however, which connotes mockery of Americans supposedly rooted in WWII times when Americans wanted their espresso diluted to the strength they were used to.

Best Picture Nominee: Nebraska

Aging, boozy, no-frills.

nebraska-620x435Supporting Drink Nominee: Old Fashioned

Like the actors in Nebraska, the Old Fashioned gets better with time yet stays in its truest, purist form.



Best Picture Nominee:  Captain Phillips

Based on a true story, Captain Phillips takes the audience through one thrilling, hell of a ride.  Remind me to never sail in pirate waters.


Supporting Drink Nominee:  Captain Morgan Planter’s Punch


Looking for some stress relief from watching Tom Hanks being taken hostage at sea by Somali pirates?  A fruity, Captain Morgan rummy drink will do the trick.  Captain Phillips, meet Captain Morgan.  Drink up, me hearties!


Best Picture Nominee:  Philomena

A mother searching for her long lost son meets a down and out journalist looking for a sense of purpose.


Supporting Drink Nominee:  Sidecar


Like Judy Dench and Steve Coogan, the sidecar has made its way to America.  Besides, what other strong, full character drink can hold up to the talents of Judy Dench?


Best Picture Nominee:  Dallas Buyers Club

Jared Letto is a purrdy woman (and man)!  Mathew McConaughey is on an all time career high.  His best acting yet is in the HBO drama series, True Detective where he plays a detective with grit, mystery, and badass villainy.


Supporting Drink Nominee:  Texas Tea


If you’re hitching up for this rodeo ride, pour some Texas Tea.  Yeeha!  Don’t mess with Texas and don’t mess with this dynamic duo.


Best Picture Nominee:  12 Years a Slave

Historical. Strong. Dramatic. Unforgettable.


Supporting Drink Nominee:  Sazerac


Sazerac originates from New Orleans, a pivotal backdrop to the storyline in 12 Years a Slave.  The sazerac is the oldest known American cocktail and it is the official state cocktail of Louisiana.


Best Picture Nominee:  Gravity

Epic. Out of this world. Utterly terrifying.  Bravo, Sandra Bullock.


Supporting Drink Nominee: Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster


Floating in space with George Clooney is a fantasy, so is this drink.  You can’t make this exact cocktail here on earth, but this recipe comes close.

Best Picture Nominee:  The Wolf of Wall Street

The third based on a true story Best Picture Nominee (Captain Phillips, 12 Years a Slave), The Wolf of Wall Street follows story of wealthy stockbroker Jordan Belfort from riches to ruins.


Supporting Drink Nominee:  Martini


The upper echelon’s poison of choice, a martini exudes strength, power, machismo, and class.  Like The Wolf of Wall Street, the martini can appear clean but come off as dirty.  The martini has unknown origins, although rumored to have been created in New York circa 1912.


Best Picture Nominee:  Her

Even girls wish Siri can sound like Scartlette Johansson.  Samantha, an OS1, captures the heart of a lonely man.  She really gets you.


Supporting Drink Nominee:  Rosé

Samantha by any other name would be a Rosé – feminine, alluring, and lovely.


Now that we’ve paired each picture with a drink, we wish you happy viewing.



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