Chef Steps Chicken Noodles. Mind Blown.

If you haven’t signed up to join, I highly recommend it.  They also have a great YouTube channel.  ChefSteps provides an array of recipes ranging from easy to advanced, and when they say advanced, the complexity is up there with Iron Chef gods.

This chicken noodle soup recipe blew my mind.  At first glance, it doesn’t look like anything special. However, the chicken IS the noodles, making this instructional video far from mundane.

I’ve signed up for ChefSteps and FoodieTV.  Both have websites with free sign up and iPhone Apps.

ChefSteps has a community forum where people can exchange tips and reviews.  ChefSteps also allows users to post their own recipes, although the steps to posting are a bit clunky.  Most stand-alone videos are free and you can also access these tutorials on their YouTube channel.  They also offer online cooking classes for a fee.

Although the more advanced tutorials call for ingredients that you don’t normally shop for in super markets, for example, Activa RM, it’s still quite amazing to watch and learn expert cooking techniques.  The videos are artsy with a sexy, cool edge.

FoodieTV appears to aggregate various video clips.  I don’t believe all videos on FoodieTV are 100% produced by FoodieTV, but rather a collection of food-focused mini shows.  Although I love the blend of art and food in the video production, FoodieTV videos tend to provide more cinematic entertainment than instruction.  If you are looking to elevate your cooking skills, FoodieTV sometimes lacks that critical knowledge transfer element.  Nonetheless, it is nice to see art and a green lifestyle blended with cooking in ways that we really haven’t been exposed to in the past.

I’ve had sous vide immersion circulators and vacuum sealers on my mind a lot lately and this recipe by ChefSteps is yet another reason to invest in some serious cooking equipment.  I mean, how can you reach the next level of culinary mastery without the proper tools?


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