Perfectly Poached Salmon


Admittedly, I’ve struggled with cooking salmon for years now. Coooking salmon seems like such a basic skill.  A little too much heat and salmon can get very dry, still edible but a far cry from that perfectly moist, tender, and cooked result you expected. Justin Chapple at Food & Wine’s Mad Genius kitchen solves our salmon woes.

The answer to perfectly poached salmon after the jump!





2 thoughts on “Perfectly Poached Salmon

  1. great video! some other recipes for poaching fish involving making a broth or poaching it in olive oil. do you think you can add the broth / oil INSIDE the bag as well so the fish can absorb the flavors or does that defeat the purpose of sealing it in a bag?


    • Hi sillyglue,

      Great question! I’m sure that adding broth, oil, or other seasonings inside the bag would be fine. I believe the advantage of poaching in a bag vs. in a pot of broth without a bag is that the natural juices from the salmon will stay concentrated in the meat rather than dispersing throughout the pot. You can also marinade the salmon with, say, lemon and dill in the bag, sealed tightly with as much air taken out as possible. Then, use the same bag to poach with broth or oil inside 🙂 Just make sure the plastic is BPA free and safe for cooking.

      Olive oil should be ok to use. It has a smoke point of around 375 degrees F after which, nasty chemicals are released. Water in the pot kept at a simmer will be below the smoke point.

      I’d love to hear how this goes!



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