Oscar Nominated Cocktails

If this was a drink, what would it taste like?


Ahhh The Oscars 2014 is upon us.  I present to you cocktail accompaniments to each of the  nine Best Picture Nominees.  In essence, these are your nominees reincarnated as alcoholic drinks.  For your consideration…

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Strawberry and Roses Craft Cocktail, oui oui!

Famed French impressionist artist, Henri Matisse, once said:

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

I say, why not drink them too!  What can be better than a bouquet of roses for Valentines Day? How about a floral craft cocktail.  Alcohol, strawberries, and flowers in a drinkable pink concoction, umm, yes please!


Recommended movie pairing – the 1988 Tom Cruise classic, Cocktails and Dreams.

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